Season 27 Standings

As games end the standings are updated. See how each Group is doing and check on your friends and rivals.

Lifetime standings can be seen HERE.

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Tournament Results

Game Assignments

Season 27 Matches

Our Thurn & Taxis tournaments use the online implementation at We use the original version of the game – no expansion content, and no special options.

Players are sorted into leagues of 7 players based on previous results.  In a season, each player plays in 4 games. Each other member of your league will be in 2 games against you. See scoring rules below.

Divisions are based on previous Season results. New players enter at the bottom level for their first season.

Your tables are also available on

If you have trouble viewing the list below, click here to see just the listing.

Thurn & Taxis Next Season
Sign Ups Open

You can sign up for the next season on

If you haven’t already, create an account for yourself:

  • Go to
  • Login  OR
  • Create an account (Register on the menu), if you do not already have one. Then activate it. If you do not receive an email quickly, please check your spam folder for the activation email.
  • Under Manage Account, select Game Names and enter your game name ids. You only need to do this once for each id. Check the spelling, as some game platforms are case-sensitive.
  • Register on the Home page or use the Play! menu, select Register for Tournament.
  • You should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, check your spam folder.

You to withdraw from a tournament while registrations are still open. Just click the “Withdraw” button next to each entry for tournaments that have not started.

Report Season 27 Results

Game results are now reported on Login and go to the information about the table that is finished.

Only the winner of each game should record the results. Be sure to add the seat number of the player who triggered the game end.

Last Season Results

slewinter won Division 1 in Season 26.

Lifetime standings can be seen HERE.  

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Tournament Results

10 thoughts on “Thurn & Taxis Online Tournament”

    • It looks like the 3-b results group doesn’t match anything in the pairings list. The results 3-c is the 3-b match, and the 3-c match isn’t in the results.

  1. The embedded tables recently have become much worse / less usable. There is now a vertical scrollbar, and two horizontal ones. One needs to scroll to the right with the bottom one in order to see the second vertical scrollbar so one can actually scroll down in the table, and see the data one needs to get at if one isn’t in the top divisions. It’s hard to imagine this any more unfriendly/cumbersome to use.

    • It’s ugly. I will look into a better way. Using Google Sheets underneath is easy and free, but it has some limitations. In other parts of the website, I create tables from spreadsheet content with a plug-in, but it is fairly tedious.

  2. I just reported game TnT S15 3-A G2, and looking at the standings, it looks like someone else had already reported it, since the standings say that people in that game have completed 5 of their 4 games this season.

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