PrezCon Winter Nationals

When: Feb  25 to Mar 3, 2019

Where: Doubletree Charlottesville; Charlottesville, VA
PrezCon celebrates its 25th year with over 100 tournaments and events, a large lineup of vendors, and a well-stocked open gaming area. The Doubletree keeps everyone well-fed and the attendees are very friendly to newcomers.

Meeple League Games:

Prezcon will be running all 10 Meeple League games.

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Thoughts from previous attendees:

Sometimes I think: “Wouldn’t it be cool to coordinate with a whole bunch of my gamer friends, set aside a bunch of days, maybe even get a hotel room so we can all be at the same place, rent a space for some tables…Wouldn’t it be cool do do something like that?”

And then I realize that I already do something like that. It’s called PrezCon.

Scott Saccenti

Trip reports

If you have never attended, this trip report from Feb 2017 will give you a good idea of what to expect.

PrezCon Winter Nationals Trip Report

Notable players from PrezCon

2018 Overall winner, Stone Age winner – Eugene Yee

2018 Catan winner – Shane McBee

2018 Great Western Trail winner, Splendor winner – Scott Saccenti

2018 Lords of Waterdeep winner – Chris Wildes

2018 Terraforming Mars winner – Bill Crenshaw