For Event Managers

Add Meeple League tournaments to your event

We’d love to have you join our mission to promote tournament play at all levels. We maintain a point system across multiple tournaments that allows players to measure their abilities against those of other players across the US. Our purpose:

  • Offer yearly merit awards (e.g. plaques, online badges) for the best players.
  • Provide a place for players to showcase and discuss their achievements.
  • Help players gain skills and experience necessary to improve their play.
  • Expand the world of competitive board gaming.
  • Provide support to event organizers so they can provide high quality tournaments.

Adding Meeple League tournaments to your events will draw competitive players and give you more exposure in the gaming community. Consider our offered services and how we can help you grow your event.

How does it work?

Level We provide: You provide:


  • Sanction of one or more tournaments at your event
  • Announcement on our website
  • Scoring spreadsheet
  • Results added to our database
  • Ability for your players to see their cumulative scores on our website
  • Suggested format and tips
  • Announcement on your website and/or flyers
  • Agreement to use our rules
  • Agreement to allow us to contact your GMs directly
  • Email addresses of GMs
  • Timely return of your results to us using the provided scoring spreadsheet
Silver Bronze plus:

  • Announcement on website homepage
  • Customized page listing details for your event and a link to your website
  • Updated page listing your results once they are finalized
Bronze requirements plus:


Gold Silver plus:

  • Prominent announcement on website home page
  • Write-up about the convention – before and after
  • Mention in other publicity (flyers, web ads, etc)
  • Ability for your Tournament Director to vote on the yearly line-up of Core games
  • Interaction with our Live Events Director, who can give advice on format and answer any questions
Bronze requirements plus: