Great Western Trail

PlayerMeeple League Points
Antony Saccenti38
Rodney Bacigalugo28
Scott Saccenti22
Kevin Walsh20
Jason Lurie8
Eugene Yee8
Rick Miller8
Luke Koleszar4
Eric Wrobel4
Chris Wildes1
Preston Saccenti1
Dave Rohde1
Virginia Colin1
Jeff Thornsen1
Doug McNaran1
Eric Engelmann1
Marcy Morelli1
Seth Hoffmann1
Chris Michel1
Ed Gilliland1
John Weber1
Michael Reynolds1
Brian Muller1
George Seary1
Mike Ellery1
Scott Vignon1
Suzanne Tuch1

Alexander Pfister’s deck building/economic developement game of cattle herding. Published in 2016 by eggertspiele.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and Stronghold Games

Great Western Trail is a sanctioned game for 2018! Watch for event announcements.

Champions of Great Western Trail

Antony Saccenti, with his win at the Prezcon Winter Event is in the lead.

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