Puerto Rico

2016 Standings

Rob Murray39
Rob Kircher29
Marcy Morelli23
Richard M. Shay22
Adam Sherson19
Andrew Menard14
Shelly Thomas11
Andrew Harris10
Barbara Flaxington9
Donna Dearborn9
Kevin Walsh9
Meredith Martini9
Mike Richey9
Pat Onufrak9
Randy Buehler9
Scott Saccenti9
Dan Mathias6
John Weber6
Lee Mewshaw6
Peter Stein6
Andrew Emerick4
David Fromwirth4
Ian Dembsky4
Richard J. Shay4
Aaron Blair1
Al Amaral1
Amy Rule1
Antony Saccenti1
Bronwen Heap1
Charles Harris1
Chris Senhouse1
Chris Wildes1
Ellen Hurwitz1
Eric Engelmann1
Eyal Mozes1
Henry Dove1
John Kerr1
Marena Tiano1
Mark Booth1
Marvin Birnbaum1
Peter Gathmann1
Richard Fetzer1
Robert Tose1
Roger Jarrett1
Sandy Scanlon1

Andreas Seyfarth’s role selection game. Published in 2002 by Alea.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and  Rio Grande Games.

Puerto Rico is a featured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

Online play is available from:


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Champions of Puerto Rico

2016: Rob Murray

2015: Richard M. Shay

2014: Ben Scholl

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