Community Rules

1. Welcome to the Community

You are welcome to participate in the Meeple League as long as you follow our rules. Breaking the rules will result in suspension or banishment from the site and potentially removal of all your historical results recorded by the Meeple League. The rules are simple and easy to follow.

The intention is that you came to play board games in competitive settings and comment, record and discuss those activities. The Meeple League wants everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. We want to encourage participation in and contribution to the Meeple League.

These rules are in addition to those covered under the Terms of Service. These Community Rules apply to all of your User Submissions, as defined in the Terms of Service, including without limitation forum threads, forum replies, reviews, event reports, photographs, files, hyperlinks, ratings, tags, comments, and any other visual or textual content.

2. The Community Rules

2.1 Summary

  • Be polite

  • Respect others (even when they don’t deserve it)

  • This entire site is ONLY about competitive board (and card) gaming

2.2 Details

  • Following the spirit of these rules is at least as important as following the rules themselves.

The following are prohibited:

  • Anything that violates the Terms of Service

  • Miss-attributing the original author or creator of content, either directly or by omission.

  • Gratuitous depictions of violence, nudity, and sexuality

  • Spam

  • Disruptive content, including but not limited to:

  • Excessive profanity

  • Trolling

  • Flooding

  • Excessive “signatures” to posts, including anything involving images or web links

  • Bigotry (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia)

  • Raising issues of religion, sex, or politics [that’s for some other site]

  • Publicly Accusing other users of committing rules violations (just report it to

  • Manipulating site statistics or tournament results through use of multiple accounts

  • Otherwise being a nuisance.

  • Personal attacks, including but not limited to:
    Statements that abuse, harass, mock, insult, stalk, demean, threaten, or otherwise belittle another user, directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly, even if the other user started it, and even if you think the other user deserves it.

  • Providing personal information about any person for malevolent purposes (aka “doxxing”), including libel, slander, defamation, or harassment.

  • Requesting or providing information or materials that allows others to create, purchase, or download unofficial replications of a game or other works protected by copyright without the permission of the rights holder.

  • Using private communication on the site to taunt/antagonize is a zero-tolerance offense and will result in immediate suspension.

  • Please do not discuss unauthorized ways to block ads. If we implement ads it will be because ad revenue is necessary to maintain the site.

3. Advertising and other Self-Promotion

Promoting goods or services in which you have a personal stake is not permitted

  • This includes any crowdfunding campaigns (e.g. kickstarter, indigogo), whether or not you created the campaign yourself.

  • This includes giving incentives in return for users manipulating site stats – this can also result in the manipulated content being removed from the site.

  • Advertising a promotional contest held on another site falls under the same rules as holding an unofficial contest detailed above.

  • Forum moderators have the final say in determining whether a given post is inappropriate.

4. Private Messages

All of the rules governing general content also extend to private messages.

If you are the recipient of an inappropriate private message, please forward the entire exchange to our admin at

5. Suspension Consequences

  • Here is what happens if you do not follow our rules:

  • Your account will be suspended for an indefinite period.

  • Bypassing a suspension with another account will get you banished from the site.

  • Threads which degenerate into flame wars may be locked by moderators, regardless of who is at fault.

6. Banishment Consequences

If you actions are so severe as to warrant banishment:

  • Your account will be deleted

  • Your accrued record of tournament activity will be erased

  • The Meeple League staff will grieve that anyone we valued could behave so badly that banishment was needed.