Previous Meeple League Live Events

Stone Age Tournament

Meeple League held our first full blown Live tournament on June 20, 2020.

Here’s the results:

1st: lonewolff05 179pts

2nd: Havoc Timmo 164 pts

3rd: Chris Wildes 153pts

4th: Gilbert Quinonez 137pts

Thurn and Taxis Test Tournament Results

Kyle Smith (emanon) Won the Experimental Tournament

On Saturday, June 6  the Meeple League held an experimental Live Play tournament using discord to provide the tournament location and to play the games.12 players played at 3 tables of 4. The winners and best 2nd advanced to the final table.

 Playerdiscord Nameyucata NameScoreFinish
Table 1NormanRulenorman#8874MrOrwell211
Table 1ChadChadOrange172
Table 1Marcy MMarcyMMarcy143
Table 1AmyRuleAmyRuleamyrule134
Table 2EmanonEmanonEmanon171
Table 2Rob MurrayZenvedevZenvedev132
Table 2slewinterstevelewinterslewinter133
Table 2rkircherRob Kircher#6286rkircher34
Table 3Chris Wildeswildeswildes231
Table 3trymorebillmasektrymore192
Table 3andylatto@Andy#5232andylatto173
Table 3RobbRobbRobb164

The Final Table

Playerdiscord Nameyucata NameScoreFinish
Chris Wildeswildeswildes94

Thanks to all the players for helping us out! Watch for announcements of new events here or on our facebook site.