Stone Age

Stone Age Box

2016 Standings

Henry Dove39
Roger Budz34
Rodney Bacigalupo29
Mike Shea24
Eugene Yee23
Jennifer Nicodem21
Charles Faella18
Chris Senhouse16
Andy Latto13
Chris Wildes9
Mark Booth9
Pat Onufrak9
Rich Shipley9
Rob Kircher9
Marena Tiano6
Claire Brosius4
Cliff Ackman4
Donna Dearborn4
Ian Dembsky4
Jeremy Vipperman4
Shivendra Chopra4
Steve Costa4
Virginia Colin4
Aaron Blair1
Adam Fetzer1
Al Amaral1
Andrew Emerick1
Anne Norton1
Antony Saccenti1
Brian Mongold1
Bronwen Heap1
Cathy Evans1
Chris Bert1
Dan Weiner1
Daniel Klein1
David DeFreest1
Derek Heath1
Eric Engelmann1
Ethan Shipley-Tang1
Ivan Lawson1
Jamie Tang1
Joe Yaure1
Kerry Toler1
Kevin Hogan1
Larry Geyer1
Luann Stubbs1
Lynda Shea1
Marcy Morelli1
Marvin Birnbaum1
Mary Ellen Powers1
Meredith Martini1
Moon Sultana1
Perrianne Lurie1
Peter DeRosa1
Peter Nalepa1
Peter Stein1
Richard Fetzer1
Rob Murray1
Sam Berk1
Scott Saccenti1
Susan Singer1
Tom Eskey1
Vien Bounma1
William Hoch1

Bernd Brunnhofer’s worker placement game set in the Stone Age. Published in 2008 by Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH.

For more information see  Boardgame Geek and Rio Grande Games.

Stone Age is a featured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

Online play is available at:


Champions of Stone Age

2016: Henry Dove

2015: Antony Saccenti

2014: Eugene Yee

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