Stone Age

Stone Age Box

2020-21 Final Standings

PlayerML Points
Eugene Yee59
Chris Wildes54
Antony Saccenti37
Michael Munson37
David Rohde34
Marcy Morelli29
Ben Collinson27
Meredith Martini27
Sam Wolff24
Andy Latto19
Rob Kircher11
Andrew Drummond10
Larry Tentor10
Steven LeWinter10
Dalton Versak9
John Gaebler9
Julia Beckman9
Michael Vaz9
Robert Griffiths9
Donte Saccenti6
Scott Fenn6
Andrew Emerick5
Preston Saccenti5
Rodney Bacigalupo5
Al Amaral4
Faith Wobbeking4
Moon Sultana4
Perrianne Lurie3
Scott Saccenti3
Virginia Colin2
Aaron Blair1
Alex Bove1
Allan Jiang1
Bradley Huttner1
Brian Batovsky1
Bruce Maxwell1
Christy Applegate1
Doug Galullo1
Doug McNaran1
Forrest Speck1
Jack Wolff1
Jean Younkin1
Jeff Miller1
Jeff Thornsen1
John Cuthbertson1
John Jacoby1
Jonathan Towne1
Judy Morris1
Justin Tagg1
Kevin McClanahan1
Kyle Smith1
Larry Shepherd1
Laura Miller1
Loc Nguyen1
Mandy Hollman1
Martin Houghton1
Matthew Riebel1
Maya Beckman1
Meredith McQuoid-Greason1
Meredith Tentor1
Michael Saunders1
Paul Smith1
Peter Stein1
Randy Buehler1
Ray Wolff1
Rob Murray1
Samantha Berk1
Scott Gordon1
Seok Joian Byun1
Seth Hoffman1
Shiv Chopra1
Stephen Coleman1
Tricia Wolff1
Troy Rysedorph1
William Hix1

Bernd Brunnhofer’s worker placement game set in the Stone Age. Published in 2008 by Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH.

For more information see  Boardgame Geek and Rio Grande Games.

Stone Age is a featured game for 2022! Watch for event announcements.

Online play is available at:


Champions of Stone Age

2020-2021: Eugene Yee

2019: Donte Saccenti

2018, 2017: Eugene Yee

2016: Henry Dove

2015: Antony Saccenti

2014: Eugene Yee