Meeple League Sponsor since 2013

When: November 2021 – exact dates TBD

Where: EuroQuest is searching for a new location, but plans to continue holding the convention in Northern Maryland.  Keep up with the latest at their website at

Meeple League games: EuroQuest typically runs all the Meeple League Live Event games. This year’s schedule will be solidified once time and place for the convention are determined.

Notable players from EQ:


Scott Saccenti – Overall winner with 224 pts
Eugene Yee – won Great Western Trail
Chris Gnech – won Azul
Ray Wolff – won St. Petersburg
Antony Saccenti – won Splendor
Donte Saccenti – won Stone Age
Eric Wrobel – won Terraforming Mars

Eugene Yee – Overall winner with 291 pts, Won Stone Age
Scott Saccenti – Won Great Western Trail, Splendor
Chris Wildes – Won Lords of Waterdeep
Bill Crenshaw – Won Terraforming Mars

Scott Saccenti – Overall winner with 222 pts

2016 Moon Sultana – Overall winner with 115 pts, Won Lords of Waterdeep

Siegelman trophy, awarded annually at EuroQuest