How to Get Started

Playing in a Meeple League Live event

With your help, we are creating a place for competitive play on-line as much like face-to-face play as possible. To play in the trial tournaments for Meeple League Live Play please make sure you have completed the steps below. If you played in our online league tournaments in the last year, you have already done some of this.

It is a little cumbersome to set up the first time, but we feel you should have an identity that carries over from one event to the next.

1. Have or get a discord identity.

2. Sign up on the site(s) with the games (Yucata, Board Game Arena, etc.).

3. Register with us on

a. Create your identity for use across events. We call it your display name.

b. Add your names on discord and game services to your identity.

4. Sign up for events (not just ML Live, but our League Play if you want).

5. Follow the invite to our discord server.

a. Read the “click-like-to-get-to-server” section.

b. Click on the check mark.

c. That gives you access to the server contents.

d. Read the latest info on upcoming- schedule

6. Show up and play!

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