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Season 9 Standings

Season 9 results will be here as the results reported. You can see lifetime standings HERE.

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Brass Online Tournament
Season 9 Report Results

Only the winner of each game should record the results. Use the form below.


Season 9 Game Assignments

Group and Match Assignments for Season 9 will be here. You may choose any color, as the webmaster of Order of the Hammer has confirmed that Start Player can not be predetermined and this capability will not be instituted.

Be sure to name the game using the game name below and invite the other players listed. All games should be password protected using the word “meeple” in all lowercase letters.  Any player may set up the game, but the winner of each game is responsible for entering the results using the  game results report form.

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Season 9 Started

Season 9 Registration is Closed

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Last Season Standings

Season 8 results should all be in. If you get a late result, contact the tournament administrator. You can see lifetime standings HERE.

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Brass Online Tournament News

A seventh season yielded a seventh unique winner in our Brass league, as Order of the Hammer shark, Maciek Dud, finally won his way into the top division and conquered all challengers.  Rob Flowers remains as the only player who has been in Division 1 since the inception of the league – no easy feat for a game as wild and dynamic as Brass.

Tournament format:

Players will be sorted into Groups of 7 players based on previous results. In a season, each player plays in 4 games. Each other member of your Group will be in 2 games against you. You can read the full details about league and scoring rules HERE.

Brass is Martin Wallace’s game of economic development in the early Industrial Age around Manchester and Liverpool.

Our Brass tournament will use the online implementation at We will use the original version of the game – no expansion content, and no special options. You’ll receive a notice in your email once the matchups are ready. If you do sign up, you are committing to checking the website a couple of times on most days (it’s OK if something comes up every once in a while, or if you’re out of town for a weekend), but in general we’re hoping game lengths will be measured in weeks not months.

Good luck!