Brass Online Tournament Standings

Rob Murray wins Season 1 League 1

With Season 1 of Brass online done, the Meeple League is proud to present the results. This page will be updated each season so you can track how you and your friends are doing in League play online. Season 2 has started.

After some initial hiccups were encountered with game set ups due to the inability to predetermine a starting player, the inaugural season was a great success.  The most exciting finish was between Petri Savola and Lei Zhang in Division 3-B, as both players finished with two wins and two seconds.  Petri won the next tiebreaker over Lei, which was percentage of winner’s score, 97.45% to 97.22%!  Just two more total points in Lei’s non-wins would have flipped it.  Allan Jiang was the only player to win all four games, cruising to the win in Division 3-D.  The league’s only female competitor, Danielle Ondic, nearly won Division 2-A but was edged out by Jon Wilcox when he picked up his second win in the division’s last completed game.

You can search the tables for your name or online name and your friends and opponents. You can sort the table by any column. Simply click on the column title.

Table of standings after Season 1

NameUsernameDiv 1 PointsDiv 2 PointsDiv 3 PointsDiv 4 PointsGame winsDivision winsMost recent DivMost recent finish
Rob MurrayZenvedev280001111
Sceadeau D’TelaSceadeau220002012
Rob FlowersEpworthian200001013
John Corradojmc003190001014
Greg Thatcherthatchergreg180001015
Randy Buehlerrbuehler180001016
Cary MorrisDagKees150000017
Jon WilcoxJMW032002121
Mike TurianMike Turian032002121
Danielle OndicNorwood028001022
Matthias L.yzemaze027002022
Louis BoudreauPurplemore020001023
Alexandre Fafardalex f019001024
Jacek Hellerrazul019001023
Kyle MeighanOne Wolf018001025
Rob MolMol017001024
Stephen VolandStephenV016000025
Jason Pytkaharrycalder013000026
Marcin Zylinskimazylek013001027
Eduardo CruzDugy011000027
Allan Jianga440004004131
Lei ZhangLei Zhang003202032
Petri SavolaXevoc003202131
Siddharth VenkateshSidnv003202131
Gam Edisonbrassman003103131
Adam StuartAstuart730002902033
Tim O’Flynnhavoctimmo002902032
Richard M Shaylabratz002702033
DJ Bortonhotshot53002501032
Lachlan SalterShibumi002402033
Nick PageZiggyny002400034
Paul Smithsaisaysplaygo002400032
Loki AkatsukiLokiAkatsuki002201033
Neil H.Sightless002201034
Stephen CostaMeepleSteve001901035
Andrew KranakMokey D Luffy001701034
Justin Honoldastrostl001701035
Rob Kircherrkircher001600035
Antero KuusiAkuusi001500035
Scott MarksUncleSkid001100036
Tony Kamarainenkamarainen001100036
Francois de Bellefeuilledebellefeuille00900036
Aaron Buchananaaronjava00800036
Daniel EppolitoQuinoa00800037
Adam BrockMantheron00600037
Nicholas Henningnickismyname00400037
Steven LeWinterslewinter00400037