DERail – Newark/Wilmington, DE

Meeple League participant since 2019

When: April 19-21, 2024 from 9 am to Midnight Fri-Sat, 9 to 3 pm Sun (Precon Thu @ 7pm)
Where: Embassy Suites, Newark/Wilmington 654 South College Ave, Newark DE 19713, (302) 368-8000
Sponsor: The Days of Knights game store and the Games Club of Maryland
Contact: to preregister (payment by check or PayPal), for more information

Fee: $40 in advance, ($35 for GCOM members), $50 at the door, or $25 for Fri or Sat, $15 Sun
Prizes: Gift Certificates and Train Related Prizes!
Hotel Convention Rate: $154/night for King, $169/night for Queen, (group code to be provided soon)

DERail is a convention that is all about playing train games. Players compete for the highest point total by playing in games such as the 18xx series, Great Western Trail, Ticket to Ride, Trans America, Russian Railroads, and Union Pacific.

Players will be awarded points for games played, opponents played, games won, & placement in each game, with a multiplier on the last two factors based on game length. Prizes awarded for best score in 18xx games, best score in non-18xx games, best overall score, best scores on Friday & Saturday, & for the winner of the Sunday Ticket to Ride tournament

A Ticket to Ride tournament will be held on Sunday at 9AM, and if there are at least 8 players this tournament will count for Meeple League points. Multiple versions of Ticket to Ride will be played during this tournament (typically USA, Europe, Asia, PA, Scandinavia, and Switzerland). You must be registered with at least a one day membership in order to participate.

Games Played at DERail16 (but any train-themed games are eligible)

1812, 1817, 1822, 1822CA, 1822MX, 1824, 1831, 1833 1/3, 1846, 1848, 1860, 1861, 1864, 1865, 1880, 18Africa, 18Chesapeake, 18EUS, 18MS, 18Neb, 18NY, 18Rhineland, 18Svea, 18USA, 18West, 20th Century Ltd, 4th Age, Age of Steam (Japan), Auztralia, Baltimore & Ohio, Brass (Birmingham), British Rails, Empire Builder, Eurorails, French Rails, Grand Trunk Junction, Great Western Trail (Argentina); Irish Gauge, Irish Rails, Lunar Rails, Metro, Möbius Rails, On the Underground (London & Berlin), Orient Express, Passport, RR Tycoon (Australia, Canada, East US, Europe, Great Britain, Nippon, North America, Sweden, thru Time, & West US), Russian RRs, Santa Fe Rails, Ticket to Ride (Asia, Europe, London, Nordic, Switzerland, PA, & US), Trains & Stations, Trambahn, & Union Pacific