2020 Online Standings

Online Player Standings

Rob Murray Wins Online PoY!

With 354 points, Rob had a healthy 11% lead over Steven LeWinter, who took 2nd with 317.5. You can see the rest of the Top 10 here:

Player NameTotal Points
Rob Murray354
DJ Borton297
Andrew Emerick271
Eric Freeman249.5
Randy Buehler248.5
Richard M Shay235.5

A very impressive 151 of Rob’s points came from Thurn & Taxis. Only the 3 best seasons of a game count toward player of the year standings, so that means he averaged over 50 points per (including the bonus for winning in Division 1). The only person who did better in any game was Andrew Emerick, who posted 154 points in his top 3 seasons of Brass. (Andrew actually managed to finish 4th overall despite only playing in 2 of the 5 different games that were offered in 2020.)

Rob is the only player who has finished in the Top 5 in all 3 seasons where we kept standings (he was 3rd in both 2018 and 2019). Meanwhile 5 other players have been in the Top 10 all 3 seasons: Allan Jiang, Randy Buehler, DJ Borton, Steven LeWinter, and Matt Vienneau.

There are no rule changes for 2021. Players will continue to accumulate points in their top 3 seasons of each game we offer. The points are equal to the regular 10-6-3-1 league points, plus bonuses for winning games and groups (with those bonuses scaling up based on what division you are in, peaking at 3 bonuses points for winning a game in Division 1 and 10 bonus points for winning the Group).

Tournament Games

Beginning in 2018 the Meeple Leaguehas recognized gamers who put up the best results across all our online leagues. Your best 3 seasons from each of our games will contribute to your score and we’ll be mailing a plaque to the eventual champion. Here’s the formula we’re using:

  1. You get points equal to the league points you accumulate in every game you play, so the usual 10 points for 1st place in a game, 6 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, and 1 point for finishing in 4th place.
  2. You get bonus points for each game you win:
    1. 1-point bonus for winning a game in Division 3
    2. 2-point bonus for winning a game in Division 2
    3. 3-point bonus for winning a game in Division 1
  3. You also get bonus points for winning your group:
    1. 2-point bonus for winning a Group in Division 3
    2. 5-point bonus for winning a Group in Division 2
    3. 10-point bonus for winning a Group in Division 1

2020 Overall Online Standings