Saint Petersburg

St. Pete Box

2016 Standings

Chris Moffa39
Chris Senhouse34
Rob Murray29
Ian Dembsky24
Anne Norton23
Antony Saccenti21
Steve Costa18
Shelly Thomas16
Andy Latto10
Bernie Mendez-Groder9
Kyle Smith9
Lori Miskoff9
Marcy Morelli9
Meredith Martini9
Norman Rule9
Randy Buehler9
Robert St. Pierre9
Tom DeMarco9
Vien Bounma9
William Hoch9
Amy Rule4
Chris Wildes4
Eric Engelmann4
Eugene Yee4
Marvin Birnbaum4
Marvin Pinkert4
Mike Shea4
Roger Budz4
Steve Shambeda4
Aaron Blair1
Andrew Emerick1
Andrew Harris1
Andrew Menard1
Brian Mongold1
Bronwen Heap1
Cathy Evans1
Charles Harris1
Chris Bert1
Christa Kraber1
Cliff Ackman1
Dan Mathias1
Daniel Klein1
Ed Gilliland1
Jenn Mongold1
Keith Levy1
Lee Mewshaw1
Luann Stubbs1
Lynda Shea1
Michael Sosa1
Nicholas Cheung1
Pat Onufrak1
Patrick Fitzgerald1
Perrianne Lurie1
Peter Gathmann1
Peter Stein1
Rich Northey1
Richard M. Shay1
Rob Kircher1
Robert Tose1
Scott Saccenti1
Shivendra Chopra1
Susan Singer1
Tom Eskey1

Bernd Brunnhofer’s card game set in Imperial Russia. Published in 2004 by 999 Games.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and Rio Grande Games

Saint Petersburg is a feaured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

Online play is available at:

Champions of St. Petersburg

2016: Chris Moffa

2015: John Corrado

2014: Chris Moffa

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