Through the Ages Online Tournament

Through the Ages Online Tournament Season 2
Has Started

Season 2 Standings

As games end the standings are updated. See how each league is doing and check on your friends and rivals.

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Tournament Results

Through the Ages Online Tournament
Season 2 Report Results

Only the winner of each game should record the results. Use the form below.

If you have problems using the form on this page CLICK HERE TO SEE JUST THE FORM.

Pairings Are Up!

Season 2 has now begun. See below for your group and match assignments. When each game ends, the winner should report the scores using the form on this page.

The Through the Ages tournament uses the online implementation at and uses the “New” edition rules. There are a few bugs with the website that you should know about:

1) The game does not prevent resigning during Age 4 – There’s no way to fix this so just don’t take the illegal action of resigning during Age 4.
2) The game does not prevent you from playing (or adopting) a second tactics in the same turn – this is another illegal action that you just shouldn’t take. The rules say you may only switch tactics once per turn.
3) The game does not award 7 culture when a player resigns during a war – culture should be manually added.
4) Transcontinental Railroad gives extra production at all mine levels you have, instead of just the highest one – you will need to manually fix production at the end of each round.
5) Ravages of Time does not turn off the extra happiness St Peter’s was giving to a ravaged wonder – players should not abuse their extra free happiness and play as if they were 1 lower
6) There’s a rare bug that turns the end of the game into a mess (usually with Bill Gates involved):  at the end of the game the game will bug and the last player will not get their final production round during the restore, instead the first player will get another round of production – Players should determine scores by hand, removing the extra culture from player 1 and giving player 4 their deserved culture (other production doesn’t matter)
7) Politics of Strength sometimes asks the weakest player to discard a random number of cards between 0 and 3 – no fix, just play on
8) Trade Routes Agreement cannot be combined with Efficient Upgrade – no fix
9) When a player resigns, the game does not remove cards from the card row at the beginning of the next players turn (even though it should remove 1, 2 or 3 more) – no fix, just play on.

Through the Ages Pairings

Sign Up Closed for Through the Ages Online Tournament Season 2

Sign up  to be notified about future seasons of the Meeple League’s Through the Ages online tournament.

Players are sorted into Groups of 7 players based on previous results.  In a season, each player plays in 4 games and each other member of your Group will be in 2 games against you. Winning a game is worth 10 points, 2nd is 6, 3rd place gets you 3 points, and 4th nets 1. You can read more details about the rules for Meeple Leagues HERE.

Divisions are based on previous Season results. New players enter at the bottom level for their first season.

Our TTA event uses the online implementation at We use the new edition of the game (“A New Story of Civilization”) and no house rules.

You’ll receive a notice in your email once the pairings are ready. If you do sign up, you are committing to checking the website a couple of times on most days (it’s OK if something comes up every once in a while, or if you’re out of town for a weekend (for example), but in general we’re hoping game lengths will be measured in weeks not months.

Season 1 already started, but if you want to play a future season please sign up below by using this form and we will let you know when the next season begins accepting registrations (or click on the link for just the form in a tab):

Through the Ages Online Signup

Season 1 Results

Season 1 games should be over. If any new results have to reported, email the game coordinator.

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Tournament Results