2016 Standings

Randy Buehler34
Moon Sultana24
Richard M. Shay20
Bill Crenshaw18
Keith Sado16
Chris Senhouse14
Eric Wrobel14
Andrew Harris11
Bronwen Heap10
Andrew Emerick4
Roger Jarrett4
Aaron Blair1
Marena Tiano1
Tim Evinger1
Al Amaral1
Andrew Menard1
Chris Bert1
Dan Tadmor1
David DeFreest1
David Fromwirth1
Henry Dove1
Ian Dembsky1
Jennifer Nicodem1
Jessica El-Beck1
John Barringer1
John Callahan1
Leo Alex1
Matt Miller1
Melissa Miller1
Peter Stein1
Rob Kircher1
Rob Murray1
Shelly Thomas1

Uwe Rosenberg’s worker placement game of medieval farming. Published in 2007 by Lookout Games. The 1st edition was distributed in English by Z-Man Games. The new 2nd edition is distributed by Mayfair Games.

See more information on Boardgame Geek and at Z-Man Games and Mayfair Games

Agricola is featured for online play. It was featured for live play in 2015.

Online play is available at:

Champions of Agricola

2016: Randy Buehler

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