Russian Railroads

Russian Railroads Box

2015 Standings

1Eugene Yee39
2Henry Dove29
3Paul Czarnota23
4Rodney Bacigalupo21
5Ben Schwartz16
6Roger Jarrett14
7Chris Semhouse11
8Randy Brown10
9Anne Norton9
Jim Savarick9
11Jared Rushanan6
12Bob Wicks5
13Antony Saccenti4
14Dominic Blaise1
Doug Mercer1
Eric Engelmann1
Eric Wrobel1
Jared Scheuer1
Jason Ley1
Jay Boring1
John Corrado1
Keith Layton1
Keith Levy1
Loc Nguyen1
Luann Stubbs1
Richard Shay1
Rob Kircher1
Rouslan Sytnik1
Tom DeMarco1

Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler’s worker placement railroad game.

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Russian Railroads was a featured event for 2015, only.

Online play is available at:

Champions of Russian Railroads

2015: Eugene Yee

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