Power Grid

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2016 Standings

Jim Savarick39
Adam Sherson34
Kristina Lynch29
Steve Costa24
Bill Crenshaw23
Mike Brazinski21
Andrew Harris19
Carter Pease16
Dave Bohnenberger9
Eyal Mozes9
Shivendra Chopra9
Anthony Marchese6
Andrew Emerick4
Chris Wildes4
Eric Brosius4
Mike Shea4
Moon Sultana4
Pat Onufrak4
Barry Pease2
Andy Latto1
Benjamin Schwartz1
Brian Gass1
Bunny Pease1
Charles Harris1
Chris Morse1
Dan Mathias1
David Stoy1
Eugene Yee1
Hristos Karavoulias1
Jamie Tang1
Jared Budz1
John Barringer1
Kara Morse1
Kay Lee1
Keith Levy1
Marena Tiano1
Nicholas Cheung1
Pat Ruth1
Peter Nalepa1
Rob Kircher1
Robert St. Pierre1
Roger Budz1
Roger Jarrett1
Ron Robinson1
Shelly Thomas1
Thomas Jarrett1
Tim Evinger1
Tim Horne1
Walter Budz1

Friedemann Friese’s auction economic game of power production. Published in 2004 by 2F-Spiele.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and Rio Grande Games.

Power Grid is a featured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

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Champions of Power Grid

2016: Jim Savarick

2015: John Barringer

2014: Anthony Marchese

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