Lords of Waterdeep

2016 Standings

Moon Sultana39
Antony Saccenti30
Meredith Martini23
Andrew Emerick21
Eugene Yee19
Larry Geyer16
Johnny Tang13
Marcy Morelli10
Derek Heath9
Jay Boring9
Robert St. Pierre9
Andrea Griffin7
Jenn Mongold7
Brian Mongold6
Anthony Marchese4
Chris Wildes4
Cliff Ackman4
Eric Engelmann4
Mary Ellen Powers4
Randy Buehler4
Lee Mewshaw2
Norman Rule2
Aaron Blair1
Allyson Thoma1
Amy Rule1
Artur Viera1
Chris Bert1
Dan Mathias1
Daniel Beeson1
Darin Murphy1
Donte Saccenti1
Jax Kraber1
Jennifer Nicodem1
Kay Lee1
Keith Levy1
Mary Roelofs1
Rob Kircher1
Rob Murray1
Rodney Bacigalupo1
Tim Evinger1

Peter Lee & Rodney Thompson’s worker placement game in a Dungeons & Dragons city. Published in 2012 by Wizards of the Coast.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and Wizards of the Coast

Lords of Waterdeep is a featured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

Lords of Waterdeep online play is through applications available for ios (iphone/ipad) devices.

Champions of Waterdeep

2016: Moon Sultana

2014: Andrew Emerick

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