Dominion Cover

2015 Standings

1Thomas Jarrett39
2Andrew Emerick39
3Lexi Shea29
4Jon Senn29
5Ken Hamilton23
6Jamie Tang21
7Perrianne Lurie20
8Albert Amaral18
9Ben Perkins9
Ben Scholl9
Caleb Hand9
Dominic Blaise9
Jared Rushanan9
Loc Nguyen9
Roger Jarrett9
Sam Stampfer9
17Bill Todd6
Scott hamilton6
19Dave Bohnenberger4
Ming Hon4
Pat Onufrak4
Shivendra Chopra4
23Aaron Blair1
Andrew Menard1
Charles Beauvais1
Charles Harris1
Dan Tadmor1
David DeFreest1
Dean Scungio1
Donna Davis1
Ian Dembsky1
James Kirtley1
Janet Ottey1
Jared Scheuer1
Justin Ferrante1
Kevin Burns1
Kevin Gardner1
Lisa Moore1
Michael Herbst1
Michael LaPointe1
Nancy Lamb1
Tom DeMarco1

Donald X. Vaccarino’s deck building game.

For more information see BoardgameGeek and Rio Grande Games websites.

There is a nice overview at Game Cows.

Dominion was featured in 2014 and 2015.

Online play is available at:

Champions of Dominion

2015: Thomas Jarrett

2014: Laura DeWalt

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