Catan Box

2014 Standings

1Steven LeWinter39
2Rich Shipley29
3Peter Stein23
4Shivendra Chopra21
5Tom Lind9
Brian Reynolds9
Chris Gnech9
Cary Morris9
Eric Engelmann9
Mike Brazinski9
Donna Davis9
Jon Senn9
Donna Dearborn9
Chuck Quintero9
Larry Loiacono9
16Dan Mathias6
17Aran Warszawski4
Donte Saccenti4
Haim Hochboim4
20Suzi Gerb1
Helen Powell1
Robert St. Pierre1
Eric Wrobel1
Kristina Lynch1
Meredith Martini1
Ryan Houman1
Marvin Pinkert1
Scott Fenn1
Eugene Yee1
John Barringer1
Rob Kircher1
Jared Scheuer1
Anthony Marchese1
Randy Buehler1
Ming Hon1
Henry Dove1
Dave Bohnenberger1
Ben Scholl1
Lisa Goldstein1
Eric Kleist1
Caedmon Armstrong1
Keith Levy1

Klaus Teuber’s classic early Euro gameset on a mythical island of Catan. Published in 1995 by KOSMOS. Originally named Settlers of Catan, it has been rebranded as Catan

For more information see Boardgame Geek and Catan Studio

Catan is a featured game for 2017! Watch for event announcements.

Online play appears to be under development at:

Champions of Catan

2014: Steven LeWinter

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