Castles of Burgundy

Castles of Burgundy Cover

2018 Standings

PlayerCoB Points
David Vestal38
Martin Houghton38
Felicia Alfieri28
Mark Beckman25
Aaron Buchanan22
Randy Buehler22
Catherine Smith20
Connie Vogelmann20
Chris Wildes16
Chris Moffa8
David Seletyn8
Henry Dove8
Jared Scheuer8
Jeff Miller8
Mike Senzig Sr.8
Ming Hon8
Nick Vayn8
Bill Crenshaw5
Pat Onufrak5
Richard Irving5
Keith Levy4
Matt Johnson4
Tom Taaffe4
Marcy Morelli2
Aaron Blair1
Alan Neidermeyer1
Andrew Emerick1
Barb Flaxington1
Brian Cupp1
Catherine Eskey1
Chris Fishel1
Craig Ferguson1
Dave Rohde1
Dominic Blais1
Ellen Hurwitz1
Emily Gindhart1
Jack McHugh1
Jim Smith1
John Barringer1
Kevin Brown1
Matt Jackson1
Mike Senzig Jr.1
Moon Sultana1
Paul Smith1
Rick Miller1
Robert Kircher1

Stefan Feld’s game of rolling dice and placing tiles.

For more information see Boardgame Geek and alea.

Castles of Burgundy is a featured game for 2019 for both live play and online tournaments held by the Meeple League. Watch for events and results.

Follow the online tournaments.

Online game play is available at:

Boitajeux under its German name: DIE BURGEN VON BURGUND

Champions of Burgundy

2018: David Vestal

2017: Chris Wildes

2016: Nick Vayn

2015: Andrew Emerick