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    Marcia Morelli

    ArsTechnica did a great writeup on the best games coming out of Essen 2016. Some of these could be good candidates for tournaments!

    Best board games of Essen 2016

    Marcia Morelli

    Have you tried any of these? I’ve only managed to learn Terraforming Mars, which I enjoyed. Some of these are just coming into stock in the US.


    I have tried several and picked up some. I had pre-ordered Feast for Odin, Kanagawa and Terraforming Mars just based on the buzz (OK, I usually like Uwe’s games a lot).
    I got to try Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail at Euroquest. I was glad I bought TM and had not bought GWT. GWT is a fine game, but I didn’t find it very fulfilling. I scored a lot of points for making the deserts and river valleys safer to travel. Was I the National Park Service?
    Terraforming Mars was more my idea of fun. I have had a couple of plays since and still looking forward to more.
    I also got to try Railroad Revolution. I am a fan of Nippon, but I was concerned that RR would be a dumbed down version because the map seemed to indicate fewer moving parts. That turned out to be a bad assumption. There are plenty of moving parts and a little more chaos introduced. I am eagerly awaiting release of the game in the US that I have ordered.
    Kanagawa looks like fun, but I haven’t got it to the table yet. I hope I can play it at Totalcon soon.
    Inis has great art, but I couldn’t tell if I would like it by just scanning the box.
    Terraforming Mars looks like it will get tried out in tournament play more than the other games.
    I really like Feast for Odin, but it might be too long and detailed to make a popular tournament game. Great Western Trail may suffer the same fate, as interested as players may be, the idea of playing the game 3 to 5 times over a few days may not seem as fun as a shorter game would be.
    I had picked up Mombasa the year before. I really like it, but haven’t been able to get it back to the table recently. I am cursed with too many new games.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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