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This is the home page for a Boardgame Players Association “Play By Email” tournament for Twilight Struggle. It is open only to members of the Boardgame Players Association (BPA). It you attend the World Boardgaming Championship (WBC), and are up to date on your registration fees, then you are already a member. If not, you can purchase a “PBEM Membership” for $10 from this website: www.boardgamers.org. This tournament will award laurels and contribute to the annual Caesar award, all of which is tracked through that same website.

GM: Ron Jacobsen


All games will be played using the Twilight Struggle application from Playdek.

Divisional Stage: Everyone who joins the event will first play in a small division (likely 4 or 5 players per division to be determined based on size of the field).  Each player plays each other player in the division twice, once with each superpower.  Games can be played in any order (even simultaneously) at the convenience of the players.  However all games must be complete by [date to be determined, but average time will be ~30 days per game].  All games will use the option cards and a fixed bid of 2 IP to the US player.  [Need to add rules for ties]

Single Elimination Stage:  Players winning their divisions, [plus wild cards if needed] will advance to a single elimination play-off, with bidding to determine sides.  You will be placed in 3 simultaneous asynch games. They will be seeded based on the results from the Heat Stage such that we will attempt to have each game contain one player from the top 25%, one from the second 25%, one from the 3rd 25%, and one from the bottom 25% while also avoiding repeat opponents. Depending on the number of competitors, it may not be possible to accomplish both of these goals.

You will be awarded 10 points for winning a game, 6 for finishing 2nd, 3 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th. The top 7 point-earners will advance to the finals. (This stage will be eliminated if there are 7 or fewer heat winners.)

Final Stage: You will be placed into 4 simultaneous games. Each of the other finalists will be in 2 of them, and you will have each starting position exactly once. We use the same scale of points for each finish position as in the semifinals and the final standings go by these points. (Ties in the overall standings will be broken first by points in the semifinal stage, then by points in the heat stage, and then by % of winner’s scores.)

Note on Ties: We will not use the in-game tiebreakers for finish positions. In the heats, anyone tied for 1st gets credit for a win. In the semis and finals the points for tied positions will be divided evenly among the tied players.

Pace of Play: You are expected to check your games and take your turns (at least) once per day. It’s OK to have an occasional break of a couple of days, but we expect most games to finish in less than two months. Games that haven’t finished in 10 weeks are likely to be adjudicated, and the adjudication will include demoting slow players to lower finish positions.


All games will take place using the Playdek application of the Twilight Struggle game.


Registration Open: January 15 2019

Registration Closed: March 1, 2019 – though late entries may be considered to fill out incomplete divisions.  Email ronaldljacobsen@gmail.com, subject line “TWS entry”.

Divisional Play Begins:  March 1, 2019

Divisional Play Deadline:  TBD, but expected to be 1 month per #players in each division

Single Elimination Start: TBD

Game Assignments

Finals pairings are up! Everyone should be in 4 games with each opponent appearing in two of them. Matches should be created up on boardgaming-online.com with fixed seating order (and using “New Story”).

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Game Results

The finals group will work basically the same way as a Meeple League group: Wins are worth 10 points, 2nd worth 6 points, 3rd is 3, and 4th is 1. (For tied games, the points are shared through a manual adjustment in the last column.)

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Tournament Results

BPA Through the Ages Tournament
Report Results

The winner of each game should record the results, unless otherwise arranged. Use the form below.

If you have problems using the form on this page CLICK HERE TO SEE JUST THE FORM.

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