PAX Unplugged

The Meeple League is pleased to announce a partnership with PAX Unplugged.

PAX Unplugged is an “analog-focused extension” of the typical conventions sponsored by Penny Arcade. The event is specifically tailored for gamers of all ages and offers a family track on Sunday.


Date: Nov 17-19, 2017
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA

Meeple League Games Offered

Ticket to Ride
Castles of Burgundy
Lords of Waterdeep
Power Grid
Puerto Rico

Spreadsheet showing which PAX tournaments are eligible for Meeple League points:

PAX schedule with ML games 2017


You must purchase a PAX ticket to enter the convention hall. However, there are no additional fees to play in the tournaments.

Signups for tournaments begin each morning at 10 AM


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